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What services we offer

Medpsych provides Psychiatric Evaluations for, but not limited to, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Eating Disorders, ADHD and OCD. Our providers focus on treatment through medication management. Our support staff is dedicated to providing our patients with a positive and helpful experience with their medical care.

What kind of results have you seen with the patients after the treatment?

Now we Spravato particularly is helpful it is a new-age antidepressant, that almost works immediately within the first three sessions

What is TMS and what is it for?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to target key areas of the brain that are underactive in people with depression. It is not ECT (electroconvulsive therapy).

Can you talk about injectable treatments?

One of the things lucky in our community is a lot of clinics, do not provide long-active injectables, and the data is very clear on this. For compliance and efficacy, they are more effective. not just for compliance issues. but how just this medication works!

Treating a patient like Family

That’s why MedPsych exist, I’m an internist as well and it’s not the same in our culture we don’t treat medical patient the same way we treat psychiatric patients and I want to change that I feel like it was my ethical responsibility to reduce stigma a provider I think hopefully that’s my legacy in my carrier..

What makes MedPsych Integrated stand out?

I can proudly say that we are attaining this at MedPsych Integrated and that I will continue to strive to bring the best treatments available to help my patients, their families and my community achieve true mental wellness.


Evanthia Garza, PA-C

MedPsych Integrated Provider

Tammy George

Medpsych Integrated Practice Operations Manager


Francesca L Carter, PA-C

MedPsych Integrated Provider

Dr. Lucy Magda, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC

MedPsych Integrated Provider



MedPsych Integrated TMS Therapist


MedPsych Integrated Medical Assistant


Sahley Razai, PA-C

MedPsych Integrated Provider

Shane Experience with Medpsych

I Keep coming back I feel comfortable with them, and I really feel you guys care about me..


What made you deiced to use Spravato as one of your therapies?

Shane’s testimony in using Spravato Esketamine

Sheila Testimony Using Spravato

I was blessed enough to find Medpsych Integrated, I stumbled upon it through the website and I was introduced to a medication called “Spravato” and I did a lot of research on it. By the grace of God, I was approved for medication. I feel that it really helped me in my life. The main thing I notice is I intend to sleep a lot. I notice now that I have a lot of energy and I feel hopeful specially in the morning time….


Tammy Learning about TMS

I don’t do well with medication, so when I learned about TMS I was very interested because normally when I take medication I get really really sick

Sheila Testimony Using Spravato

It does give me confidence when I’m speaking to patients I know the anxiety they are feeling, prior to starting the treatment. I also know what it looks like to go with the treatment I had zero side effects

Has it been proven that you will never need TMS again?

Some people do need a second treatment or magnet treatment, and you can get those every six months. I know a lot of patient doesn’t need magnet treatment. I think I know 1 patient the comeback for maintenance and he is 3 years out for getting TMS so its proven it’s 99% effective

How Quick can someone see the results?

About the resulting process, I think I start seeing the result about the halfway point. It’s not an immediate responds .

What is the Treatment Schedule

Treatment Schedule is 36 treatment, 5 days a week

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