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ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)  is a very common disorder in both kids and adults. The biggest issue with ADHD  is that it is very often misunderstood.  If it is not properly identified and treated, kids and adults may struggle for years with different levels of ADHD…without help. 

The good news is that Dr. Meyer and her team at MedPsych Integrated have provided comprehensive and compassionate ADHD care to many patients . They can and will walk this out with you and your family, too.

This article can help parents learn the basics of ADHD, discover more in-depth information, and decide if further testing is needed. If you are concerned that your child or a loved one has ADHD, please consider using this information and these basic steps to help determine if ADHD is a possible cause for their struggles.

MedPsych Integrated have provided comprehensive ADHD Care

Catch ADHD Sooner…Not Later.

The fact is that many people show basic, common signs of ADHD at one time or another. The difference is that kids or adults with ADHD wrestle with the symptoms more often and more consistently than others, which can affect their daily life. 

It is important to understand that being able to identify symptoms at home is helpful but does not indicate an actual diagnosis. To reliably identify the possibility of ADHD, the next step is to do the proper testing and evaluations by our skilled  team of trained professionals at MedPsych Integrated. This eliminates the frustration that comes along with wondering and brings much needed answers and the right kind of help for your loved one.

Why does ADHD care require a doctor

or trained medical professional?

Similar symptoms of ADHD may be caused by other types of  medical conditions, both mental and physical. These parallel conditions can include mental health ailments such as anxiety, depression, behavior disorders, learning disorders, language problems and more. 

Medical problems that present physically can also affect thinking or behavior. These could include mild (not severe) seizures, thyroid problems, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), sleeping problems, and more. In addition,  certain prescription drugs and medications can cause similar symptoms as well. 

With this overlap of symptoms, it is extremely important to get properly diagnosed with ADHD before attempting treatment.  A trained ADHD professional knows the right tests and evaluations to get the process started.  

A Real Life Example

When reviewing real life examples, one parent wrote that her son struggled in school for years. He would act out, become easily angered, was distracted, and had difficulty staying on task. His self-esteem and self-confidence were weak, along with the mother’s frustration from constant negative school feedback. Finally, in desperation, she had him tested and evaluated for possible ADHD.  When the results came back, she could clearly see in black and white the results and immediately approved a first level, ‘light’ treatment. With that intervention, her son not only became more focused but also more confident. She testified it was like night and day.  From her explanation, it was clear that she regretted that the testing had not been done sooner. 

MedPsych Integrated has a strong team of psychiatric professionals, led by Dr. Nadia Meyer, with many years of evaluation and treatment experience. They are board certified, and more importantly deeply care for their patients. The mission of every member of this team is to provide compassionate, comprehensive outpatient mental health services that enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and the community. 

Why choose MedPsych Integrated over other clinics?  Every member of this team is genuinely committed to you and your family’s total wellness. No matter what the struggle is, our skilled team at MedPsych Integrated is dedicated to providing care, compassion and hope for a better future. 

The 3 Key Symptoms of ADHD…and More.

What are the three key symptoms of ADHD?  If there are consistent problems with these three behaviors:  focus, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, that probably indicates a need for testing.  Fortunately, there are lots of great helpful options that can assist an ADHD child or adult and  lead to life-changing results. 

The following expanded checklist of possible symptoms has been compiled from our research and may be used as an indicator (only) of the need for evaluation and testing for possible ADHD. Once again, a skilled and trained professional like those at MedPsych Integrated is needed  to diagnose accurately. 

Please keep in mind that research states  that almost every person has experienced most of these behaviors from time-to-time. Only consistent, continual, habitual manifestations might  reveal actual ADHD tendencies that call for further testing and treatment. 

If the first three behaviors are consistently present, then also check as many other behaviors you observe that are frequently present.

  • Lack of focus

  • Hyperactivity

  • Impulsiveness

  • Forgetful, losing things

  • Unable to stick to tedious tasks

  • Poor listening 

  • Constantly changing activity or tasks

  • Unorganized

  • Procrastination of tasks

  • Can’t sit still - restless 

  • Talking, talking, talking.

  • Interrupts conversations

  • No sense of danger 

  • Defiant & disruptive

  • Constant fidgeting

  • Can’t concentrate

  • Can’t wait their turn

  • Anxious

  • Frequently depressed 

  • Socially inept

  • Dyspraxia – physically not coordinated

  • Involuntary noises and movements (tics)

  • Mood swings

  • Taking risk disregarding safety for self or others

  • Sleeping issues

The more items you’ve checked, the more likely it is that a brief conversation with an ADHD specialist at MedPsych Integrated will prove to be life-changing. 


Q: What is ADHD and how frequently is this diagnosis made?

A:  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a neurodevelopmental condition particularly affecting the brain causing negative behavior issues. Statistics show that about 11% of children (about 1 in 10) in the US are affected. Childhood ADHD extends into adulthood in about 75% of the cases. 

Q:  How is ADHD diagnosed?    

A:  No single test has been developed to accurately diagnose ADHD. A comprehensive evaluation is essential to rule out other possible conclusions. Careful consideration includes an evaluation of the person’s executive functions, academic and social history, emotional functioning, their age and development level.

Q: What is an executive function?

A:  This refers to brain thinking functions that organize and manage other functions of the individual’s daily living habits. It addresses the person’s real time evaluations of their actions so they can adjust for successful living. It directly affects the person’s ability to learn. ADHD individuals need extra training, direction and sometimes medical support to manage the executive functions of their brain.

Q:  How is ADHD treated?

A:  The most effective treatment of ADHD is completely based on the diagnosis. One individual may only have a mild case and with others it may be more pronounced. Typically, a multi treatment approach is adopted that includes medication(s), skills training, counseling, behavior therapy, and special educational interventions. It is often surprising how effective the grouping of several new habits, learning tools, and approaches can be for both children and adults.

Q: How experienced is the MedPsych Integrated Team? 

A: What a great question.  You will find each professional team member’s review on the clinic website at…  The director, Dr. Nadia Meyer, MD is board certified in Addiction Psychiatry, Psychiatry and Internal Medicine. She advocates an integrative approach to bring maximum healing for patients, including those who struggle with ADHD. This group of professionals from different medical and psychiatric perspectives combine their skills to provide a comprehensive team approach in order to provide the best possible patient care.

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Raleigh Location:

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Cary Location:

1110 SE Cary PKWY

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Phone: 919-582-7272

Fax: 919-582-7274 OR 877-745-2672

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